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Menu of the week

Facts - Acanthus

minced meat dish
victoria perch
salad bar

Dresscode underwear

Facts - Acanthus

Upstairs is always in underwear. Underwear downstairs on Friday from 23 pm. Downstairs on Saturday no obligation of underwear. Downstairs on Monday in underwear from 21 pm.

Erotic massage

Facts - Acanthus

Every Monday,sunday and Friday, a sensual massage is included in the price. Our professional masseuses bring you into extasy and they will give you unforgettable moments. In one of our theme rooms they receive you with a big smile. The massage is for b

Your birthday?

If you come in the week of your birthday, you can count on a nice gift. If you come with 5 couples, we reserve a table and we serve snacks. With 12 couples, we reserve the lounge disco for you private from 20 to 22h.

Hotels nearby

Facts - Acanthus

Bed & Breakfast Rouge é Blanc, Ingelmunster
+32(0)51 35 89 81

Asian Empire Hotel, Kuurne
+32(0)56 29 82 52

Park Hotel, Kortrijk
+32(0)56 22 03 03

Book Acanthus

Facts - Acanthus

The magnificent Acanthus book (in dutch) is still available. The price is 20 euro. Ask for it at the reception.

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