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Frequently asked questions

What are swingers?

By this term, also referred to as 'the lifestyle', we mean people from all walks of life, who have dared to go over the 'socialy accepted' limitations of erotism within their sex-life. People, if you will, with a 'broad' view on life... If you find yourselves to be 'daring', then you have arrived at the URL for you ! If not, then we fear that you might be wasting your time here... But, as 'live and let live' is the motto of our community, everybody is welcome !

Is there a dress code?

On monday evenings you will be required to show your finest lingerie from 22.00 hrs onward. On friday evenings we give you an hour extra, so that's from 23.00 hrs onward and on saturday-evenings you are left to your own judgement. You will however notice that from a certain time in the evening, being clothed ('normal') will be more noticable then showing your best side in a sexy outfit or lingerie. Of course, you are left free to do what you please.

Is swinging obligatory

Absolutely NOT! It depends on yourselves, and if you happen to find a couple or partner that you might be interested in taking further steps with: go ahead! Always remember: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!

Will we get bothered?

A lot of women have come up to us and told us that they've enjoyed more respect in our club then in most of the 'normal' disco's they've gone to! One of the golden rules in our club actually is: No means NO! Of course, this golden rule is taken to heart by all of us!

Is really everything included in the all-in price?

Depending on what night you chose to spend with us, there will be a certain 'all-in' price asked of you at the door. This all-in formula includes all that you might want to enjoy that evening: all drinks (alcoholic AND non-alcoholic), the food (if you would choose to eat), the sauna, the jacuzzi, the dancing, the theme-rooms, and of course...the cinema. You see, if you'd count all of these things together, you'll easily come to the conclusion that it is a bargain for an adventure as we offer you!

What are we supposed to wear?

Well, what would you wear if you were to go for a night on the town? The only difference is that you can wear that see-through blouse you've been wanting to wear for ages, or that mini-dress that's just a little to 'mini' to be worn at a 'normal' disco... Concerning the 'lingerie' part of the evening: wear whatever your partner likes to see you in, and you'll be more then ok!

Are we supposed to become a member at our first visit?

Yes, membership only costs 20 € per year, and is valid for the whole of the next 12 months. The reason that we make this obligatory for everybody, is so that the people that come to us have the nescessary motivation to at least try to make a good evening of it! In other words, it makes it easier for us to make sure that no 'fakers' enter the club, and that can only be to your own advantage, right?

What if we meet a really nice couple?

Well, then just step up to them, have a talk with them ,and get to know them a little. Hey, you can even offer them a drink! You'll quickly notice that people will easily come up to you to have a chat, and that there's noting to feared in this respect... As in any venture, of course, the saying: nothing ventured, nothing gained, applies here as well! So, if you stay glued to your seat for the entire evening, talk or look at nobody, this will be one of the longest evenings of your life! Well... that is... if you're a voyeur, that's probably your 'thing': go for it! We do however advise you to have a chat, do a little dance, and you'll see that this evening will come to be a completely new, very positive experience!

What if we see someone we know?

Well, just think about it...why are they here, do you think? Go over to them, have a talk, you'll quickly find out that they are of the same 'frame-of-mind' as you, something that you perhaps never even dared dream! Add to that the golden rule that 'what happens in the club, stays in the club', and you're completely safe! Think of it this way, talking about it (for them) only impliments themselves!

Which evening would be the best one for us?

This depends, of course, on your own fantasies! If you're more of a dancer, and you want a little more 'edge' to an evening, Fridays will interest you more. On Saturdays, we are only open to couples, and the atmosphere is more a 'dance' kind of thing, with more accent on the ladies. Finally, if you are already into this scene, and you are looking for the more 'action-oriented' evening, Mondays will suit you like a glove!

The first time

Vous n'avez encore jamais visité l'Acanthus? Vous avez peut-être des a priori qui vous font hésiter? Arrêtez de vous poser trop de questions et passez le pas. Notre équipe vous accueillera dès votre arrivée et fera tout pour que vous vous sentiez directement comme à la maison. Vous aurez droit à une visite personnalisée qui vous montrera tous les coins et recoins de l'Acanthus. Si vous venez cette semaine, nous sommes certains que nous vous reverrons également la semaine prochaine.

House rules

Respect the house rules = fun assured

We are open every Friday, Saturday and Monday
Enjoy private clubbing
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