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Take the step to Acanthus...

You are new and you do not dare to take the step to visit Acanthus? It keeps you from the mysterious to come in and become a member? Then stop doubting and just do it, our team of enthusiastic people will welcome you so you will immediately feel good in our club. When you come for the first time, you can count on a personal tour, so you will know fast everything in AC. Come this week, then I'm sure that we'll see you back next week.

Something for everyone...

Voor wie - Acanthus

The club has so much potential. A disco, a lounge bar, kitchen with its own catering, 3 restaurants, wellness area with sauna and jacuzzi. Upstairs there are 25 themed rooms and a cinema room. A large cozy garden with terrace. Acanthus has something for everyone, including you. The main slogan in acanthus is: everything is possible, nothing is compulsory. Young or old, everyone can come to us. Every week, we have many new customers. After a first visit almost everyone says the same thing: "If we had known it was like that, we should have come a lot earlier."

Acanthus is for everyone, including you. Because of the many possibilities and variety everyone will find themselves right at home in the club. People come to enjoy an large aperitif, good buffet, a cozy time in the spa, going crazy in the disco or to enjoy in the cinema or in the themed rooms upstairs. Respect is very important. We always work with an all-in formula. Everything is included, all the drinks, buffet, and on Friday and Monday a sensual massage.

Acantus on Friday

Voor wie - Acanthus

Acanthus is open every Friday from 20h. till 4h. For couples and singles. Anyone who has respect for the club and the others is welcome, even if you are not a member yet. All ages above 18 years. Anything is possible, nothing is mandatory!

Acanthus on Saturday

Voor wie - Acanthus

Acanthus is open every Saturday from 20h. till 5h. Minimum age is 18 years. All ages and all type of couples come to Acanthus.

Acanthus on Monday

Voor wie - Acanthus

Acanthus is open every Monday from 19h. till 3h. For couples et singles. Everyone is welcome, even if you are not a member yet. All ages of couples and singles come to Acanthus.

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