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Read our houserules

These regulations apply to every visitor of the erotic complex Acanthus. Everyone who enters the case, is aware of the following rules and acknowledges that breach its possible sanctions will be taken.


Access is denied or you are requested to leave the club:

  • persons under 18 years. A valid identity card, driving license or membership card is required.
  • persons in possession and / or be under the influence of drugs / alcohol, which they trade or use.
  • people without well-groomed appearance or appropriate attire
  • persons who have any kind of weapon.
  • individuals who bring tension and / or aggressiveness.
  • persons who are noisy (inside and outside), improper act or provoke violence against the operator, staff, artists and / or other clients.
  • groups of more than 4 persons or persons who will be expected to form in groups.
  • persons who have caused difficulties in the past in the club.
  • people who come for the first time, and when only be allowed a limited number of new customers. This can have several reasons.

The access means that one keeps within the following rules:

  • the entrance fee is paid before entering.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring glass upstairs.
  • it is strictly forbidden to smoke outside the designated spaces.
  • upstairs can only in underwear.
  • on Saturday, the floors are only accessible to couples.
  • the dress code on Monday and Friday applies to the entire complex.
  • do not bother the staff and / or prevent their tasks.
  • clothes and other things can be stored in the lockers. Everyone is responsible for his own key. Clothes and shoes found by other customers and staff is kept at the reception. These belongs in the lockers and the return it will be charged € 20.
  • loss of the key means replacement of the lock. The costs are € 20 and must be paid by the customer.
  • sale, flyering and sampling can merely express permission.
  • disrespectful harassment, racism and discrimination are not permitted.
  • instructions of the personnel must be followed.
  • orders and be clean should be respected.
  • Acanthus can not be held liable for any injuries, material or immaterial harm to visitors and their property, or loss or theft.
  • a membership card offers no guarantee of access.
  • in situations where the house rules are not provided, the direction will decide on the measures to be taken.


  • cameras watch over your and our security. On entering the complex you agree with this.
  • when entering and / or leaving the property can be searched, and the bags can be checked for content.
  • clients who leave the case are asked not to enter in traffic after using alcohol.

Offenders risk:

  • a request to change their behavior.
  • removal from Acanthus.
  • a permanent refusal to withdraw membership.
  • referral and possible description to the federal police.



The first time

Vous n'avez encore jamais visité l'Acanthus? Vous avez peut-être des a priori qui vous font hésiter? Arrêtez de vous poser trop de questions et passez le pas. Notre équipe vous accueillera dès votre arrivée et fera tout pour que vous vous sentiez directement comme à la maison. Vous aurez droit à une visite personnalisée qui vous montrera tous les coins et recoins de l'Acanthus. Si vous venez cette semaine, nous sommes certains que nous vous reverrons également la semaine prochaine.

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